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About the Movement Camp

Get ready for this unforgettable getaway filled with new challenges, varied workouts, life-changing workshops, memorable moments, new friendships & a whole lot of fun.

Be prepared for lots of sun, beach, fitness, and more. Tenerife is the ideal location for this. Spectacular beaches and the refreshing sea and most important a unique Movement Camp are waiting for you there.

Whether beginner or advanced, our movement program is always tailored to your individual needs. You will learn to improve your performance to the next level with the help of our highly professional coaches.

Apart from the fitness program, you will of course have enough time for yourself to look at the island or just relax between the program parts.



Learn basic Capoeira exercises and combine the moves into a sequence as a great addition to your workout or just to learn new movement patterns.


Efficient breathing techniques optimize your endurance in sports and bring you more focus and concentration in your job.


Dive into the world of the handstand. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, together we will take the next step.


Efficient breathing techniques optimize your endurance in sports and bring you more focus and concentration in your job.

The idea

The Movement Camp in Spain is meant to be a valuable experience, which is highly recommended to everyone! A diverse program that everyone will benefit from it. A balanced relationship between sport and recreation. In addition, a vast amount of facts worth knowing about our body and its potential. New acquaintances with whom you have common interests, as well as a lot of fun, form a healthy social togetherness.

The Movement Camp will be an exclusive event and limited to a maximum of 12 participants - first come first serve. 


The ultimate Movement Camp is designed for everyone interested in Capoeira, sports, breathing, hand-balancing, and much more.

Take a break and enjoy 4 days of the movement, sun, beach, and more.

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"Finca La Roca Guaza" " is a green and quiet oasis. You sense the atmosphere as soon as you enter through the gate. Palm trees, tropical plants, and birds singing underline the relaxing sensation. The in-house pool (heated in winter) and shaded pavilions and the tropical garden with palm trees invite you to unwind.

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The Apartments


All apartments have a separate entrance, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom/WC, balcony or porch, wifi.

A unique view and an ideal place to focus on training and doing nothing. 

Get more insights here: "Finca La Roca Guaza"

Anmelden und erfahren, wie ich anmelden kann

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Your Coaches

Oliver - Already at a young age, I was enthusiastic about movement and sports. At the age of 23, I got to know the Brazilian martial art "Capoeira", which has accompanied me on my way of life ever since. The basis of Capoeira gives me until today the strength to dedicate myself also to other topics like breathing, various martial arts, or hand balancing.

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Jacko - Master Instructor at Oxygen Advantage who now works as a breathing coach. I am a former professional rugby player, accredited UKSCA strength and conditioning coach, and NASM performance enhancement and corrective exercise specialist with a mission to make breathwork a normal part of our everyday lives.

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Programm Movement Camp Spanien 2023-5.png
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Your investment

  • Do you care about your health?

  • Do you want to learn new functional training approaches?

  • Do you want to update your knowledge of training methods, stretching, strengthening, and breathing?

  • Do you want to learn how to regulate your body through breathing?


If you can answer these questions with a clear YES, then the Movement Camp is just what you are looking for.

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Any questions? Contact me right here.


Tel: +436504217807 (also on WhatsApp)

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